A longtime embroidery shop closed its University Mall location doors Friday as the business prepares to relocate to a brick and mortar storefront in Alberta City.

Christina Ahmed exclusively told the Thread her husband, Nomi, launched Stitch Factory 22 years ago, beginning the business at a kiosk before settling into a suite in 2014. Ahmed said as the business grew, there was a need to expand operations to what would now become their new home.

"We kept growing so we had to split off into two locations," Ahmed said. "We opened Logo Station in Alberta in 2019 for bulk orders and corporate apparel. We purchased the entire space and finally decided to build Stitch Factory on the empty slab that sat between the two buildings."

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Ahmed said outside of the growth, the decision to move also came down to providing better accessibility to customers.

"It's sometimes difficult having to get out and come all the way into the mall to see us," Ahmed said. "It's going to be so much easier for our customers to stop by and drop off items and pick them up. It's all about making it more convenient for our customers."

Ahmed said moving raised mixed emotions for  her husband, who was instrumental in the upbuilding of what the company is today.

"It's bittersweet," Ahmed said. "My husband started at the kiosk and this was his baby. I'm more proud of for building the clientele and developing a relationship with customers and building the business through those relationships."

Ahmed said they have a target goal to be opened in the new space by May 1. In the meantime, Ahmed said embroidery orders can be brought to Logo Factory where they will continue their efforts of providing fast service to their customers.

"The beauty of our store is that we can have your items back to you on the same day instead of a one to two week turnaround so that's what makes us different," Ahmed said.

Ahmed said she is looking forward to settling into Alberta and making an impact on the economy of the community.

"We hope we can make Alberta proud," Ahmed said. "We cleaned up that whole block and we're trying to bring revenue and keep rebuilding the community."

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