A recent video on Tik Tok is causing quite a stir in the Yellowhammer state.

The Tik Tok video created by LaurenPCRNA, addresses Hoover City Schools and their cancelation of an award-winning black children's book author's visit to a few elementary schools.

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"Hoover City Schools scheduled a black author to read one of his children's books to their elementary schools and then canceled him at the last minute," said Lauren in her video.

"At first they tried to claim that they were canceling him because he failed o provide some contract materials that they had asked for however the superintendent later retracted that claim."

According to the Tik Tok video which has reached over 160k views in just a few days, author Derrick Barnes visit was canceled due to a parent complaint that Barnes social media posts contained "controversial ideas."

"You are a public school system caving to the demands of the few at the educational expense of the many," said Lauren in the Tik Tok video.

The Tik Tok video also mentions another incident with Hoover City Schools that occurred during the pandemic. Lauren says there was an uproar about the 7th-grade online curriculum concerning a Civil rights movement history lesson.

Derrick Barnes is a National Book Award Finalist, and a New York Times Bestselling author.

The Tik Tok video continues making a case as to why this is unfortunate, especially during Black History Month.

"There are a lot of black kids in that school system and they are surrounded by nothing white-ness year-round," said Lauren.

"You're going to take away the one chance they had to feel represented in this community?"

How do you feel about this situation?

Was the school system wrong to cancel?

Should the parent provide proof of the controversial posts?

Let us know inside the chat feature of our free app.

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