The talk of the country has no doubt been the state of Alabama with the recent viral video of the now-dubbed "Montgomery Brawl."

That recent brawl has been everywhere, sparking the creation of hilarious memes and reenactments all over.


These names sound like new characters on The Avengers.

There's even a song about the incident that's floating around social media.

**This song contains explicit language some may find offensive

It really seems like every day a new video or new information is coming out about this brawl.

Recently, I came across a Tik Tok video that shows the view of how it all started. The video is filmed from the actual boat that was attempting to dock.

At the time of writing this story, the Tik Tok video has gotten over 3 million views.

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In the video, you can hear a band on the boat playing music and encouraging the crowd on the boat to chant "move" in an effort to get the pontoon boat to move out of the way.

A singer with the band can beard singing repeatedly, "I need you to mooooove" as the patrons on the boat chuckled.

The singer at one point can even be heard calling for security after multiple attempts to get the owners of the boat's attention.

"Security...Security" the singer shouts on the microphone in the video.


After multiple videos have surfaced showing what happened before the brawl, this video gives the newest point of view, from the boat that was attempting to dock in the river.

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