These days, you never know what could happen inside your children's schools.

Youtube, SWNS
Youtube, SWNS

On the heavy side, some parents worry that scary things could happen while their child is at school. Who could ever imagine a life-threatening event happening to their child while at school?

It's not something that parents would want to happen but the reality is, it's possible these days.


In a place like Alabama, we have other things we now have to worry about at our children's schools.

Of course, we want our kids to be safe from people who mean to harm them but what about animals?

Have you ever seen an animal break into a classroom?

Youtube, SWNS
Youtube, SWNS

A recent video uploaded to Youtube shows the moment a deer smashed into an Elementary school in Conecuh county Alabama.


No one knows why the deer broke into the elementary school classroom, but the video is quite interesting.

You can see the deer break through the window of the classroom and search around, maybe looking for food.

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One of the hilarious parts of the video to me was seeing the deer try to run through the classroom. It was pretty much impossible.

The Evergreen Elementary classroom floor was much different than the ground outside. You can see the deer try to run but struggle to get grip under it's feet.

Check out the video of a deer breaking into a classroom at Evergreen Elementary in Alabama.

Luckily no children were hurt during the time this deer broke into the classroom.

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