It's no secret that egg prices are out of control, not only in Alabama but in the United States.

But why?

The Reason Egg Prices Are Up

People across the country are fed up with high egg prices.

There was a post I saw saying that egg prices in New York were around $9!


Not only have there been reports of egg smuggling from Mexico, but some homeowners are requesting their HOA's to allow having livestock on their property to help combat the extreme egg prices.

According to CNBC, egg prices are up across America due to the deadliest outbreak of bird flu in U.S. history, which has said to have killed millions of egg-laying hens this year.

Lowest Egg Prices Found In West Alabama

As I was scrolling on Facebook, I came across a post with a price for a dozen eggs under $3.

In the comments of the post, people were comparing the listed price to other prices they've seen around West Alabama.

One person in particular, said they've seen a dozen eggs for $3.99.

I could not imagine paying that much money for a dozen eggs. This is whole rise in price is just outrageous.

The Facebook post came from Fresh Value in Tuscaloosa and they have a picture posted with the price of 1 Dozen Large Freshland Eggs being listed at $2.99 per dozen while they last.


These seem to be the cheapest prices listed for 1 dozen eggs in West Alabama.

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