Tuscaloosa's third and most recent Whataburger location appeared to be permanently closed Friday.

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Rumors first begin swirling online that Tuscaloosa's Whataburger location on the Strip at 1130 University Boulevard had closed down. This sudden news would mean that the location wouldn't make it to a full year of operation.

We Are Closed Sign

This particular location first opened August 2023.

A post on social media by BarstoolAlabama shows a screenshot of the locations operation hours on Google and instead of traditional hours, it read "Permanently Closed."

The post was made around Noon on Friday.


It's been found that the rumor of this location being permanently closed had some merit, but it wasn't completely true.

After speaking with a Manager at the University Boulevard Whataburger location, it was said that the restaurant closed for no more than 2 hours Friday afternoon due to the hoods of the restaurant and sidewalks outside being pressure washed.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

The manager told a representative from Townsquare Media that the listing on Google was supposed to read "Temporarily Closed" and the listing was posted longer than it should've been.

The reason for closing was a concern for patrons getting wet and/or irritated from the pressure washing so the decision was made to close the store for a small period of time.

This location does have new business hours, the manager stated.

They're now open from 10a-2a Sunday through Thursday, and 10a-4a Friday and Saturday.

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