One of the most frightening things to imagine is something happening to one of our kids while at school.

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Thinking about the possibility of a student being hurt, abused or taken advantage of while under the care of a school system employee is a parent's worst nightmare.

As previously mentioned by the Tuscaloosa Thread, former Hale County High School band director Adam Paul Mowrer was charged with soliciting three teenage students for sex.

After a search of Mowrer's phone, MPD allegedly revealed texts or emails to three students who were 15 or 16 years old that were inappropriate and sexual in nature.

Recently, a parent said to be the mother of one of the students responsible for the allegations being brought to light spoke out about Mowrer being able to walk the streets after being charged.

In a post on social media, the parent said, " As a parent of one of the 3 girls and the whistleblower that brought all of this to light, I’m angry he can still walk the streets," she said, referring to former band director Mowrer.

Although Mowrer was charged and plead guilty to three counts of harassment, according to court recordshe received no jail time and will be forced to pay a $300 fine.

The initial charges Mowrer faced were all Class A Misdemeanors.

"These crimes should be felonies PERIOD. Kids don’t choose for these things to happen to them," the parents' social media post said.

"It doesn’t make sense. He’s SCUM."

It is illegal in Alabama for an employee of a school to solicit sex with any student under the age of 19.

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