A West Alabama fire department is in "desperate need" after a post on social media reveals a lack of volunteers.
firefighters helped battle a wildfire
The Duncanville Volunteer Fire Department posted on their Facebook page that their in need of volunteer workers.
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"Your fire department is in desperate need of volunteers," the Duncanville Volunteer Fire Department posted.
It's also stated that if people aren't interested in battling blazes, there are other options like medical calls and running reports. There is plenty of need and positions for people to assist.
Gord Horne
Gord Horne
"We meet on Thursdays at 6pm ! Can’t make a Thursday ? Message us we will set up a time that maybe can work for you and others! Help support your community in more ways than you could imagine ! We have plenty of training opportunities!"
This is a perfect opportunity for students to gain experience or some to assist their community who is in desperate need at the moment.
If you or someone you know is interested in helping to fill some positions at the Duncanville Volunteer Fire Department, feel free to call them at (205) 349-5561or reach out to their Facebook page by clicking here.

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