Alabamians could qualify for free Walmart gift cards after this huge mistake on the company's behalf.

Fox Business is reporting that  Walmart accidentally overcharged customers on tax while attempting to adjust their systems to the new tax rate.

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We previously told you about Alabama's new grocery tax cut that went into effect on September 1. The tax cut happens in two different parts. The first cut went into effect September 1 and the next cut will happen on September 1, 2024.

While attempting to implement the new tax, both Walmart and Sam's overcharged customers.

Walmart Launches Walmart Plus Delivery Service
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To make up for the error, the company is offering free $5 gift cards to customers who bring their September 1st receipts showing they were overcharged. Affected customers are to go to customer service.

Sam's Club will only offer in-store credit to affected customers.

According to Fox Business, the gift cards and in-store credits are being offered until September 18th.

Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images
Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images

With over 144 Walmart locations in Alabama, it's safe to say there are plenty of people who were potentially overcharged on September 1st.

Recently, Walmart implemented a new starting pay for new hires in an effort to have consistent staffing and better customer service.

The pay cuts affect employees who stock shelves and prepare online orders.

Do you think the recent news will affect Walmart's job force?

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