So, it’s lovebug season in Alabama. They are all over South Alabama and I’ve noticed a few popping up in West Alabama as well.

On road trips in the South during certain months you will notice how the front of your car and windshield becomes a graveyard for lovebugs. They are cute to me plus their in-flight mating is impressive but they make a complete mess of your car.

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“There are two major flights of lovebugs throughout the year: one in late spring from April to May, the other from August through September,” said WAPT. “The fall flight is the larger of the two. The size and population of lovebugs for the year is determined by the winter season.”



Here is What Attracts Lovebugs

WAPT gives us the inside scoop on what attracts lovebugs.

Car emissions

Asphalt roads

Anything that emits an excess amount of heat

Light and white colors

Newly painted surfaces

Hacks to Get Rid of Pesky Lovebugs According to the Farmers’ Almanac 

In the Home

Some people have had success using ceiling fans to keep love bugs from flying into their homes. Turn the fan on high to keep them from finding a comfy place to land.


Keep your lawn mowed because lovebug larvae grow in thatch.


To keep lovebugs from being sticky on the car, “lather a little baby oil or spray some cooking spray on your car’s hood and bumper. Wash frequently. This will help make the cleaning the bug residue easier. Wet dryer sheets also work well to wipe off any bugs that stick on your car," said the Farmers' Almanac. 


All Over

Love Bug Spray

1 Cup Water

3 Tablespoons Citrus Dish Soap

3 Tablespoons Mouthwash

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray on plants and walls where lovebugs are.

 Here are Some Other Hacks




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