There are so many stressful things you can encounter in a day. 

Work, traffic, relationships and don't even mention Alabama sports. Maybe you could escape stress by getting away from the bustle of the city...

But even then you have deal with critters like this one: 

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Now we can't even put on our SHOES without getting stressed out!

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With so many folks feeling this way, Wallet Hub did a study to see who is the most on edge.

And one Alabama ranks very high on the list. Only three cities rank above it:

#3 Maryland

Baltimore Aerials
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Baltimore, Maryland

#2 Michigan

Detroit Teeters On Edge Of Bankruptcy
Getty Images

Detroit, Michigan

#1 Ohio


New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers
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Cleveland, Ohio

Before we get to the Alabama city--some advice on what to do if you're feeling stressed at work.

Wallet Hub interviewed Orin Davis, a university professor. Davis said the best way to reduce work-related stress is "to give employees as much control as possible over where, when, and how they work."

If it's up to me, I'll be working from home every single Wednesday. Hump day, more like HOME day.

Composite photo courtesy of
Composite photo courtesy of

Camel on Zoom

But as for the most stressed out city in Alabama, it's the one and only Iron City.


Birmingham folks, take a break for goodness's sake.

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