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Do you ever wonder why gas 5 miles away is so much cheaper?

I'm sitting here steaming as I wait in traffic to cross the bridge into Northport Alabama just to buy cheaper gas. Gasoline is at least 20 cents cheaper a gallon in Northport compared to Tuscaloosa. Sometimes gas is  30 cents cheaper than a gallon in Tuscaloosa.

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This happens in so many cities in Alabama.

If you drive a truck or SUV that holds 25 gallons, as mine does, it adds up quickly.

GM Unveils New Sierra Silverado Pickup Truck
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That’s a case of beer a week! That’s a chicken wing dinner at Baumhower’s! That’s a Chinese delivery from Mr. Chen’s!

I know we all miss the days of $2 dollar gas.

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Today, near my home in Tuscaloosa, gas was $3.29 a gallon. Over the bridge in Northport gas was $3.04 a gallon.

This makes absolutely no sense.

Why the consistent gas price discrepancy?

I understand a few cents here and there, but this is consistently more than a few cents.

Tatiana Gladskikh

Gas is definitely cheaper in Northport.

Does Tuscaloosa not feel the need to be competitive with Northport when it comes to the price of gasoline? Especially with the gas prices the way they are.


Tripp Powell with Powell Petroleum said, “The reason is competition.

No other reason. Cost is no different. Mainly Walmart Neighborhood Market and Murphy at Walmart Super Center use gas as a foot traffic driver and not a profit generator”.

Also, Is there a municipal gas tax that is less in Northport than in Tuscaloosa? Enquiring minds want to know.

Find the absolute cheapest gas in the Tuscaloosa/Northport area at

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