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Jeff Hogg appeared exclusively on the Steve & DC Morning Show to answer questions about the proposed University Beach Lagoon/ Water park.

The Entire interview can be found below along with a first look video of the project

Beach city of northport
Beach city of northport

Tina Nicole Grzelak said... 

"A little Waterpark/ multi-plex is one thing, and I'm all for progress and growth, but not something of this magnitude <1 minute from my house. This is absolutely wild. We live here bc it's quiet, less traffic( depending in the time of day lol) and we have everything we need within a 5 min drive. I guess I can just be glad now that the last of my kids will be finishing highschool in 4 years."


Hogg addressed why the huge development wasn’t put to a public vote.  Whether he had 100% confidence and trust in the developers. How much this will cost Northport. Will the current infrastructure support this $350 million dollar development? Why this project has been shrouded in secrecy. And other citizen concerns.

Caleb Hiatt said..

"Did they give an estimate on how long it will take before the water park will bankrupt the city? I feel like this has all the makings of situation from parks and recreation when Eagleton goes bankrupt because they overspent and had to merge with Pawnee."

And if the Northport University Beach development were on the ballot, how would you vote? Please reply in comments below.

Here is your first look at the proposed development. 

Hear the entire Steve & DC conversation with Jeff Hogg here.

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