We've got to stop leaving the lights on, folks.

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A recent study revealed that Alabama ranks VERY low for energy efficiency.


WalletHub based their study on the average American household's energy use. They examined both their "auto- and home-energy efficiency." Here's what most households spend:

  • $2,000/year on utilities
  • $3,120/year on motor fuel and oil

If you spend last than that--you're doing great! If you spend more...not so much.


The Best Ones

Here are the states that scored in the top five:

  1. Utah - score: 87.58
  2. Massachusetts - score: 85.86
  3. Vermont - score: 85.06
  4. New York - score: 82.93
  5. Rhode Island - score: 81.46

And scoring well doesn't just give these states bragging rights--it also means they're saving money. The Department of Energy said that reducing energy spent in the home can "reduce a family's utility costs by as much as 25 percent."

That's some good cash!


But where does Alabama actually rank...? Unfortunately out of the 48 states studied, we're sitting down at the bottom at #46.

  • 44. Arkansas - score: 39.57
  • 45. Mississippi - score: 37.36
  • 46. Alabama - score: 34.37
  • 47. West Virginia - 31.03
  • 48. South Carolina - 24.24

Aww, man...even Mississippi is better than us. What can we do to get better? A few simple things actually!


What To Do About It

Although you've probably heard it a thousand times, shutting off lights can really make a difference. Even if your house has newer, more efficient bulbs.

"Now that [people] have LED lamps installed, they think it does not matter if they stay on all day/night," said professional engineer, Georg Reichard.

Furthermore, just because you have an upgraded heating/cooling system doesn't mean you should get comfortable cranking it up or down.

Changing the temperature by just one degree can save "as much as 3-5% on your monthly gas and electric bills," said expert Jim Rossi.

I know it gets hot in Alabama, but I believe in us!

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