Can you name the capital of Alabama? What about the other 50 states?

According to the quiz website Sporcle the rest of the country only does okay at remembering capitals. (Scroll to the end to take the test yourself.)

I thought I had them down--but I barely got more than half (curse you, Carson City).

Carson City, Nevada

Analysis of the data by Bet Alabama revealed that Austin, Texas, is recalled the most frequently, Sacramento (California) and Honolulu (Hawaii) follow close behind.

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And since we're on the topic of capitals, someone needs to explain why so many of them have such weird names. Montpelier? Topeka?


Who's idea was it to name a town after a flipping DONUT? But hey, at least it helps me remember it. (North Dakota.)

Courtesy of Nik via
Courtesy of Nik via


That's more than I can say for the capitals that get forgotten the most. Here are the top three:

  • Charleston, West Virginia: 37.3% forget
  • Concord, New Hampshire: 37.9% forget
  • Jefferson City, Missouri: 38.5% forget

Sorry about that, Missouri--should've named your capital after a tasty treat. (May I propose the Crueller?)

But where does Alabama fall in all this? How many Americans are remembering Montgomery?? 

Montgomery, Alabama Honors The Late Rep. John Lewis On His Final Journey
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Well...we're at number nine on the list, so not great. By the numbers, approximately 31.0% of people couldn't remember us.

At this point we have two options: send everyone back to school, or make Birmingham the capital.

It's in your hands now. (Take the quiz here.)

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