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Many Bama fans are not happy with the decision to replace Eli Gold in the Alabama football broadcast booth.

Photo Courtesy of @SECFootball on Twitter
Photo Courtesy of @SECFootball on Twitter
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1988 to 2024, Eli Gold has been the iconic radio voice of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Alongside Tom Roberts, he was a vital part of the Crimson Tide Sports Network. He also currently provides commentary for college football and NFL games on Sports USA Radio Network.

Eli Gold

However, despite his dedication and passion for our beloved team, Eli Gold has been removed from his position. In his own words, “I will not be returning. The university chose to not bring me back. I have not retired!” This decision has left many fans disappointed and longing for his return.

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Townsquare Media | J. R. Moore

Eli's voice is synonymous with our game days; it is a sound that resonates with every true Alabama fan. His knowledge of the game and unique commentary style have made him an irreplaceable fixture in our community.

Photo Courtesy of @GleagueSquadron on Twitter
Photo Courtesy of @GleagueSquadron on Twitter

We believe that this decision does not reflect the wishes of countless fans who want to see Eli back in action during A Day Game on April 13th and beyond. We urge those responsible to reconsider their decision and reinstate Eli Gold as our play-by-play broadcaster.

Please sign this petition if you stand with us in wanting to bring back a cherished member of our sports family - let's get Eli Gold back into the Press Box where he belongs!

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