Bryce Young has accomplished so much at the University of Alabama, but how will he do at the next level? Young has taken the first steps to answer that question, completing his first off-season practice.

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When asked about his NFL experience from when he was drafted to his final day of mandatory mini-camp, he talked about how comfortable he was with the team and coaches. He attributed his comfort level to “A lot of great coaching, a lot of understanding, a lot more time in the system, and my teammates embracing me, pushing me, holding me accountable. …

Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics
Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

“When things go well, we’re able to talk about it and see why and try to maintain that. When things don’t, being able to regroup and talk about it. We all take responsibility here. It’s a great group of guys that all look in the mirror first.”

attachment-Bryce-Young courtesy of tdalabamamag

Young said it was a new group, but it didn't feel like a new one. When asked if it felt different on the field with the Panthers, Bryce said, "It doesn’t feel like it in the huddle, so I think we’ve all grown more comfortable with one another. There’s still a lot of stuff we want to iron out, stuff we want to improve on and get better at, but I think we lean on each other for that.”

This practice is without any pads to give the coaching staff an idea of where the team is. Coach Frank Reich expressed his thoughts on the practice. "We don't have pads on; we’re not competing at the highest level. That's not just Bryce; that's our whole team. …

attachment-Bryce Young courtesy of Panthers

“You get to OTAs, and it’s great. You get a good look at people, but you really don’t know until you put the pads on, so looking forward to that.” Bryce said he will continue to get ready for the season.

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