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You can't trust anyone these days.

There are many stereotypes about a thief.

Robbery Suspect

Rarely does anyone picture a gray-haired grandpa type.

Portrait of grandparents and granddaughter

Now a restaurant surveillance video is changing minds.

Like many restaurants, Sugarfire keeps a tip jar by their cash register. Tips are divided among employees who probably struggle to make ends meet.

Family Enjoying Meal In Restaurant

Surveillance video captured an older male, now known as the Wet Bandit,  stealing money from the employee tip jar.

The Wet Bandit uses his credit card to pay for his meal and even a t-shirt. When employees turned their backs, he reached into the tip jar and pocketed the money.

How to win money from your favorite radio station
Unsplash photo

The restaurant wrote.... "Last night, this guy right here (now known as the “Wet Bandit”) stole money from our team member tip jar…

But like a true Wet Bandit, he isn’t very bright, as he used his credit card to pay for his meal and even a Sugarfire t-shirt. ‍♂️ So, in honor of you, Chuck, we’ll be serving the “Wet Bandit” today!"

50% of the proceeds will go to our employees to recover lost tips

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