Fighting broke out this week at a Colorado Buffaloes football practice.

After the fight, head coach Deion Sanders reprimanded players for walking away from teammates in the scuffle. The video of the incident has since spread around the internet.

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Wimp and Barry Sanderson discussed the topic Thursday morning on "Inside the Locker Room."

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"We know fights happen in practice, said Barry Sanderson. "And with how hot it is, you kind of have guys going against one another." It's then on coaches to decide how they react to player fights.

Wimp Sanderson brought up Coach Bryant's no-tolerance policy. "You started a fight in practice...Coach Bryant's down from the tower to grab you by the face mask and shake you..." Quick correction was the method.

Wimp also argued against Deion Sanders' advice to players. "I certainly didn't ever want to bring anyone else into the fight," said Wimp Sanderson. Instead, he noted that any anger should never be directed toward a teammate.

"It may not be trouble then, but it's trouble down the line when you get beat 21-20," said Wimp. "When you're trying to figure out who did's the guy you had a fight with. [Fighting] doesn't show you're a man, it's a mistake."

Barry pushed back, explaining that when practice gets tough and players are practicing to compete--fights can happen. "I'm not as against it as you," he said, "but I would want my guys to run in and break it up, not walk away from it."

Listen to the rest of the conversation here:

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