Famed football linebacker Darwin Holt has passed away at 84.

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Lou Green, a big-time member of the A-club posted about Holt's death on Facebook, confirming it to Gary Harris on his Tide 100.9 show.

Holt acted as the senior linebacker for the 1961 Crimson Tide football team.

Over The Mountain Journal described this era as "the fourth year of an extensive rebuilding program when everything came together to produce a juggernaut" underneath Coach Paul Bryant.

Originally from Gainesville, Texas, Holt played under Bryant at Texas A&M in his freshman year. He reunited with Bryant at the University of Alabama after a year at junior college, Al.com reported.

Courtesy of the Paul W. Bryant Museum
Courtesy of the Paul W. Bryant Museum

The Controversy

Holt became thrust into the limelight in his senior year after being accused of a "dirty play" during a game against Georgia Tech.

Sports Illustrated recounted the incident in which Holt "smashed Georgia Tech's Chick Graning in the face with his left elbow and forearm." They described the play as "an unnecessary block when an Alabama teammate signaled for a fair catch on a punt."

Courtesy of the Paul W. Bryant Museum
Courtesy of the Paul W. Bryant Museum

From Holt Himself

Holt talked about the infamous play in his book What It Means To Be Crimson Tide. 

"It was a legal play." he wrote. "I don't regret what I did...I regret it's still there." Holt explained that he loved the reputation for being one of the toughest, but that he was not, and never had been, "a dirty player."

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The Crimson Tide went on to win the national championship that 1961 year--the first of six championships under Coach Bryant.

Nevertheless, the controversy continued to follow Holt. "[They] won't let it rest," he said.

Perhaps after this, we finally can.

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