Does Jalen Milroe have his head in the game? Or will he play things too safe in order to remain Alabama's quarterback?

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Ryan Fowler talked with Josh from the College Football Nerds on "The Game" to break it down.

"I see [Jalen] being very hesitant now," said Fowler. "He knows 'This is my job unless I throw interceptions. If I throw interceptions, I risk losing it.'"

"I think that's probably a fair take," said Josh. "I've always been a little critical of one area of Saban as a coach, and that's in how they handled the quarterback decision."

Josh noted that Saban's coaching style emphasizes ball security. And not without reason. "When you look at teams that commit turnovers, it has one of the highest correlations with losing the game," said Josh. "In the NFL...teams that throw a Pick 6 have an 80% chance to lose."

The problem lies in the fact that Saban quarterbacks, especially in their first as a starter, "You can tell they've been taught not to throw interceptions, to the point where they just don't throw at all," said Josh. "We saw that with Jalen Hurts in 2016, I think we're seeing it right now with Milroe, who's being dialed back."

"And that's where I think Milroe is," concluded Josh. "They didn't get him involved as a starter for a long time...I think they let that drag out way too long."

And where does that put Alabama?

"Now you have a quarterback that doesn't have a high comfort level, that's scared of making a mistake," said Josh. And we surely don't want Milroe to make a mistake that'll cost him the game this weekend.

"But at the same time," Josh explained, "But at the same time, if you're not willing to release the ball and throw it downfield, that Texas A&M front is gonna become a major issue."

Listen to the full interview with Josh from College Football Nerds:

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