Disney pulled ESPN from Spectrum subscribers nearly two weeks ago, shocking many.

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Up to this point, both Disney and Spectrum had been pointing fingers at each other for the ESPN blackout.

Spectrum said that Disney was being unfair and greedy. Disney claimed that Spectrum was being unreasonable.

Texas v Alabama
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Missing Big Games

Things were not looking good and Charter Spectrum's CFO even  told The Hollywood Reporter they were preparing for the ESPN blackout to be "permanent."

The ESPN Blackout led Spectrum to miss coverage of big games, most importantly the Texas-Alabama game for Crimson Tide fans.

But as of this Monday, things are looking optimistic.

Getty Images and Canva.com
Getty Images and Canva.com

Shifting Tides

A joint statement on Charter's website announced that "Spectrum viewers once again have access to Disney's high-quality sports, news, and entertainment programming, in time for Monday Night Football."

The site that once outlined Charter's complaints with Disney now states "Good news! We have reached a new agreement with The Walt Disney Company."

Here is the list of all the channels that will be returning:

  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN Deportes
  • ESPN News
  • FX
  • National Geographic
  • ACC Network
  • Longhorn Network
  • SEC Network
Disney Pulls Channels Including ESPN and ABC, From Charter Spectrum Cable Service Over Fees Dispute

However, WBRC noted that customers may see resulting prices hikes from Spectrum in upcoming months.

"The deal leaves many unanswered question, primarily how much more that consumers will be charged for these various services," financial analyst Paul Verna told WBRC.

So things may very well upset in the future,  but for the time being....

Sports are back!

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