In the bible King David looked out at the world and was troubled. He didn't need the internet to paint a rather distressing picture of society or The The Tuscaloosa News to remind him of all the current happens. Even without a cable news network to give him all the bad news, he saw the evil.

David looked around and observed that "the godly man ceases." He noticed that "the faithful disappear." During his time, everyone spoke "idly" to his neighbor "with flattering lips and a double heart" (Psalm 12:1-2).

This description may sound like the theme of a TV show, but it was like back in 1,000 BC. While we may view society's evils as much worse than anything before, David reminds us that evil is not a 21st-centruy innovation.

The words of David gives us hope. Notice his reaction to the bad news he bore. In verse 1, he turned to God and cried, "Help!" Then he implored God with specific needs. The response he got was positive.

When you are discouraged by all the bad news, cry out for God's help. Then bask in the confidence of His assurance. Over 3000 years after David, God is still, and always will be, in control. We have nothing to fear, because God is in total control.

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