If it were a game week, the topic would likely never have made it on the show. But Alabama's enjoying a bye on Saturday and Gordon McGuinness of Pro Football Focus joined us to breakdown this year's Crimson Tide team through the first two months of the season.

During the conversation, McGuinness dropped this opinion on The Game. 

"I think this Alabama team are the most talented team we've seen in college football since the Miami teams of the early 2000s."

He goes on to explain why he feels that way, but it's a strong opinion considering Nick Saban has already fielded four different national championship teams at Alabama. Both McGuinness and host Ryan Fowler agreed that this is Saban's best team in ten years of coaching in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama certainly has the four and five-star recruits to back up the assertion, but recruiting coverage wasn't nearly as thorough 15-20 years ago as it today. Many people consider those Miami teams to be the most talented in the history of the sport. 

Can this year's team reach that level? The conversation can't take place on a national level until the season is complete and we can see the full body of work, but the argument isn't far-fetched.