The word temptation has come to mean something bad to us today, but we tend to use the word incorrectly. Temptation itself is not sin; it is something we are bound to face simply by virtue of being human. Not to be tempted would mean that we were already so shameful that we would be beneath contempt. Yet many of us suffer from temptations we should never have to suffer, simply because we have refused to all God to lift us to a higher level where we would face temptations of another kind.

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An individual's inner nature, what they possesses in the inner, spiritual part of their being, determines what they will be tempted by on the outside. The temptation fits the true nature of the person being tempted and reveals the possibilities of their nature. Every person actually determines or sets the level of their own temptation, because temptation will come to they in accordance with the level of their controlling, inner nature.

Temptation comes to us, suggesting a possible shortcut to the realization of our highest goal, it does not direct us toward what we understand to be evil, but toward what we understand to be good.Temptation is something that confuses us for a while, and we don't know whether something is right or wrong. When we yield to it, we have made lust a god, and the temptation itself becomes the proof that it was only our  own fear that prevented us from falling into the sin earlier.


Temptation is not something we can escape; in fact, it is essential to the well-rounded life of a person. Beware of thinking that you are tempted as no one else, what you go through is the common inheritance of the human race, not something that no one has ever before endured. God does not save us from temptation, He sustains us in the midst of temptations.


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