At times Christians follow an "open door" policy. When the doors of opportunity open, we assume that it's God's will for this door to open and for us to walk through.

A close colleague of mine knows very well that this is true. This person never openly rebelled against God, however, he found himself far away from God after walking through open doors of opportunity. He once said to me, " I have allowed myself to believe that God was blessing my career. . . because He had opened closed doors". Although this same person received what he desired - a successful career in the educational arena - he had lost what he really needed a close relationship with God.

When reality set-in and an admission that this career was keeping him  from God, he abandoned success and gained a renewed commitment to the Lord.

Because the Lord doesn't stop us from something, does not indicate that He desires for us to continue. To discuss which opportunities to pursue, each of us need to "approve the very things that are excellent" and to become filled with righteousness . . . to God's glory" (Phil. 1: 10-11).

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