Is It Really The Holiday Season If You Don't Have These Foods?

The Countdown to Christmas is officially on and I can't help but wonder a few things. Will we see more snow in Alabama? What will I get for Christmas? And most importantly, what's on the menu?!

We're weeks away from Christmas and day by day, I'm getting more into the Christmas spirit. It could be because of my wife. She's a lover of all things holiday-themed!

I come home some days and she has a new idea of something we should do leading up to Christmas. One day I come home and it's more decorations in a random place. Another day I come home and she's doing a Christmas photoshoot with our son. I'm not upset at it, these things just don't come naturally to me. Lol! I have to try o get into the holiday spirit, she lives it every day. That's why I married her. She's a ball of sunshine and makes you feel good no matter what. (Brownie points!)

In my own effort to get into the holiday spirit, I decided to think of something that we all love. Food! Not just meals, like foods you can eat for Christmas dinner, I covered that already. You can check that out here.

I decided to create a list of foods, snacks, and other items that scream Christmas holiday to me. Keep in mind, I'm still new to this whole getting into the Christmas spirit thing, so I might miss a few things. That's ok though! You can let me know if I missed anything by hitting me up on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay.

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Holiday Foods/Snacks


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