Is It Bad To Kiss Babies?
My wife always complains that I Kiss our baby too much. My go-to argument is “How could you not kiss this face?!”
My wife and I kiss our baby very often. In fact, Daily Mom says that kissing your baby boosts their immune system, makes them smarter, and showing them that affection makes them less anxious as adults. The issue begins when strangers or “outsiders” kiss your baby. To me, an outsider is anyone that is not mom or dad.
I came across a story about a mom who had family and friends over their house. One of the visitors innocently kissed her one-month-old baby and gave the baby herpes.  The mom didn’t notice until her baby had a cold sore and lips were swollen. She took the baby to the hospital and they discovered sores on the back of the infant’s throat as well and confirmed it was herpes. Luckily they caught it quick. If left unchecked, it could cause brain damage, lung infections, and even led to the death of her baby.
Currently, our son is not in daycare and spends all of his time with one or both parents so it's easy to monitor his activity and know who he has been in contact with. We're definitely going to continue to be cautious about who we let around our baby. You have no idea who has what and could spread it to your baby.
(Source) Visit Daily Mom to learn more about the benefits of kissing your baby. You can also visit Parents.Com to read more about the mom whose baby contracted herpes from a family visitor.
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