Forcing yourself to go out and be social when you actually feel like staying home and falling into a Internet-spot, isn't the correct thing to do, and yet so many of us feel pressure to reject our hibernating habits and interact with the rest of the world. Well, it turns out that psychologists agree that you fair better if you hold-up and close yourself off from everything every now and then. While you might feel like your peers are expecting you to push past that inner social resistance, going against your body's instincts is not always for the greater good of the group, particularly if you are an introvert. It has been discovered that the introvert/extrovert profiles are complicated by the fact that most people are not totally introvert or extrovert, they fall somewhere on a spectrum, so at times an extrovert may feel grounded by alone time to process something, and most introverts are susceptible to loneliness and are in need of the right kind of social connection to feel balanced.

Really this means that regardless of whether we identify as being an introvert or extrovert, chances are that if we have feelings for alone time, we should listen to our bodies and take it.

So  the next time you feel that you are doing your friends a favor by going out when you really desire to stay in, let them know that you need a time off. The more in touch you are with yourself and the more aware you are of your mood, the better you are at being a friend. There will always be another party and another night out.

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