As the Coronavirus cases grow nationwide, it's important that we stay prepared for emergency situations. While trying to prepare myself the first thing I thought to check was my refrigerator. I wanted to make sure I had the essentials. I didn't LOL!

As I prepare to brave the stores and put together a list of essentials, I decided to do some research as to specific items to get in these situations. Truth be told, I would only grab rice and beans, but there has to be more I should get right? Here's what I found.....

According to NBC NEWS, we should be looking to buy foods packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other health- and immune-supporting compounds you need. It is also recommended to buy food that have a long shelf life because you never know how long you'll need to live off of that food source.

A quick list of great items to buy would be dried, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, pastas, beans and canned fish. Check out this full and more detailed list from NBC NEWS.(Source)


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