Ideas For Summer Screen-Free Activities

Summertime in West Alabama might look a little bit different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Typically by now, I have made my summer vacation plans, which include a few trips to the beautiful beaches of Alabama, visiting family and friends in Florida, and a few self-care weekends.  But, as of right now, nothing is planned.  I mean nothing because the ‘Rona sure has taken a toll on making any firm plans.  I feel like that most of my summer plans will be last minute and spontaneous.  However, I found a great resource to have some great summer screen-free activities from SWNS Digital.

Here are the SWNS Digital’s


1. Playing board games - 40%
2. Camping the backyard - 37%
3. Making arts and crafts - 36%
4. Reading books - 36%
5. Building blanket and pillow forts - 36%
6. Making breakfast as a family - 32%
7. Teaching my kids as a new skill - 31%
8. Making a home movie theater - 30%
9. Playing with water guns - 29%
10. Eating popsicles - 26%
11. Having water balloon fights - 24%
12. Playing on the trampoline - 24%
13. Making at-home science experiments - 24%
14. Playing in the sprinklers - 23%
15. Making smores - 21%
16. Playing flashlight tag in the backyard or neighborhood - 21%
17. Playing hopscotch - 18%
18. Flying kites - 17%
19. Going hiking - 17%
20. Going camping - 17%

I think all of these sound great, even for adults, to have some good summer fun as well.  I can’t wait to fly a kite, playing board games (I secretly live for game nights), and making smores!

(Source) For more from SWNS digital, click here.

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