I Found A Black-Owned Coffee Company In Tuscaloosa!

Lately, I've been trying to support as many black-owned businesses as possible. It turns out, we have access to a black-owned coffee company right here in Alabama! 

A few months ago, I shared my favorite coffee with my Instagram followers. One of my followers asked if I knew of any black-owned coffee companies and I was stumped! I ended up finding a company called Blk & Bold. This company makes coffee and tea and is available in select cities across the United States.

It's International Coffee Day today so I figured I'd go and grab some of this Blk & Bold coffee for the first time. When I logged on to their site I saw that it was only being sold in two cities in Alabama and I just knew it would be Birmingham and another city. To my surprise, it's available in Tuscaloosa! It's sold at Target right behind the University Mall. They even have an option to have your coffee delivered right to your door!

Blk & Bold does more than just sell coffee. They donate 5% of ALL of their profits to non-profit organizations to support at-risk youth. I love it!

If you love drinking coffee and supporting black-owned businesses, make sure you go by Target and pick up some Blk & Bold coffee. I can't wait to try some! I've heard nothing but great reviews, and I'll be sure to document my review on my Instagram. Follow me at @BigDawgDreDay.

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