How Do You Combat Jealousy And Envy?

The treatment for jealousy and envy is the same. Analyze your feelings before you act on them in order to better realize what you are feeling and how you are considering reacting. If there is a negative emotion at the root of your feelings, do not act on them. In a very close relationship, such as with a lover or spouse, it may be helpful to calmly and rationally explain your feelings without assigning blame to your partner. All that is necessary is for you to explain your feelings, this is what caused it, and that you want to express your feelings without placing blame or judgment on the other person in order to prevent hurting your relationship. Envy is a little more difficult to combat. It requires personal reflection to understand where the feelings are coming from and to deal with them on your own. It could cause rifts in the relationship with the person toward whom you harbor envious feelings. Untimely, envy must be dealt internally. A good way to help yourself to overcome your envious feelings is to write down your feelings. Then write down why it would be bad for you to act on those feelings, including damage that it could cause your relationship, negative effects at work, and how you would feel about yourself. Writing your feelings helps you to physically see and better understand your feelings without causing harm to yourself. Once finished,burn what you have written to give a sense of finality to the situation. Jealousy and envy occur much more often than you may realize. By explaining your feelings, it may help to heal or prevent rifts that the negative emotions can cause in your relationships.

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