How Can We Stop Phone Spam, Scams, and Robocalls?

Putting an end to robocalls is not something that is going to happen instantly, but there are steps that can be taken to silence these annoying and sometimes dangerous calls. There is some information in this article that perhaps will show you ways to lessen this never-ending problem.

People are attempting to keep the phone lines free of spam and robocalls these days. We have collectively reached a point where mos of us do not want to receive calls from friends, let alone the scammers who bombard our phone each and every day. It is not perfect but Bogus calls still find their way through. However, it doesn't hurt to add your number to the FTC' National Do Not Call Registry. This site allows you to check if you are registered, register it not, and report undesired calls that you receive. Once you are registered, you should allow about a month for this to take effect and, even then, unscrupulous callers may still bother you. However, in the mean time you have a very basic level of protection established.

Many phone carriers provide free basic anti-spam features, so check to see what is available.

Below are listed direct links for the Big Three:

If all else fails and a bogus call comes through, you can block individual numbers manually to prevent further harassment.

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