How Can The Youth Violence Be Reduced/Eliminated Here In Tuscaloosa?

Youth violence in Tuscaloosa is presently widespread and is a urgent concern of the population of the area, you are particularly targeted and vulnerable, both as victims and perpetrators of violence. There is a number of risk factors for youth to become victims of violence: including family violence, discrimination, dropping out of school, inadequate attention for victims of violence, under and unemployment, easy access to arms, alcohol and illegal drugs, exposure to crime and violent groups. The criminal justice systems which subject youth to inhumane  conditions and lack comprehensive rehab programs are mainly affecting the youth who have committed crimes. Marginalized youth, particularly those who live in urban areas without access to basic necessities, are at a higher risk of being victims and perpetrators of violence.


  1. Programs and proper funding to insure fundamental rights linked to reducing you violence education: health and employment with a focus on violence prevention.
  2. Promotion of youth development through arts, sports, recreation and community participation, which includes non-violent conflict management skills.
  3. Improvement and expansion of community-based, preventative approaches to public and citizen security.
  4. Focused holistic intervention for especially vulnerable groups, such as youths who are homeless, substance abusers, victims of sexual and economic exploitation and social inclusion with members of gangs and other violent groups.
  5. Creation and funding of programs for rehab and social inclusion with members of gangs and other violent groups.
  6. Promotion of holistic treatment of victims of violence, based on the principles of restorative justice.
  7. Improvement of criminal prosecution, better assess to justice and guarantees of due process, human rights and prison security for youth in conflict with the law.
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