Rep. John Lewis


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John Lewis was a great Alabamian and national treasure. The late congressman actively fought for civil and equal rights from 1960 until his recent death in July of 2020. In his lifetime, Lewis has become one of the most influential voices from the Civil Rights Movement. His legacy extends far beyond peaceful protests as he also became a powerful voice in congress. In 1986, Lewis was elected into the House of Representatives where he represented Georgia's 5th District. During his time in office, he pushed for better education, healthcare and measures to fight poverty. However, his most important work resided with the Voting Rights Act.

Lewis was born February 21,1940 outside of Troy, Alabama. He grew up in the midst of racial segregation and injustice. He is often recognized as one of the "Big Six" leaders of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's. Martin Luther King Jr. became one of his biggest inspirations. Lewis left Alabama in 1957 and began his dedicated work for civil rights. He participated in the Freedom Rides of 1961, which lead to many arrests and beatings. However, Lewis' most memorable acts was the 1965 march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Lewis led over 600 marchers across the bridge where they were met and attacked by state troopers. This historic event became known as "Bloody Sunday." 

After the passing of Dr. King Lewis continued to fight for change as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. He has become a pivotal voice for many minorities and generations. Before his death, Lewis has been honored with numerous awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The legacy of John Lewis will last forever thanks to his bravery and dedication to civil and equal rights.

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