Honor One Another . . .

 As one approaches the latter years of life, you come to realize that it is not just what you do that matters, but what you do for others. I can just imagine that the most miserable people on earth are those who hate, hinder, and hurt others, while the happiest ar those who spend their time helping others. Actually the degree to which you are helpful is the degree to which you are happy-it's that simple. What are you doing for others? Just how good are you at letting someone else take credit for what gets done? The next time someone shares their accomplishments, pay close attention to your need to pitch in and tell them something as good or better about yourself. When you do that you minimize their joy, create distance between you and everybody loses. Instead, bite your tongue, look at them and cheer them on. When you treat people this way there are basically two things that will happen: (1). The other person enjoys your company because they sense your "there" for them, instead of sitting on the edge of your seat waiting your turn to speak. (2). They feel that instead of competing with them, you care about their success. Consequently your relationships grow stronger because you no longer need to grab all the attention and glory. This is called "honoring one another."

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