Remember when we were children and we’d hear adults say that certain people had “no home training?”

We all eventually discovered what that meant: The guilty parties hadn’t been taught the some of the basic rules of etiquette and manners which normally come as a part of parenting.

It could be something as simple as speaking to a room’s occupants when you enter it or something a little more complex like knowing how to be honest without being offensive.  There’s a big difference between, "Ewww! That’s NASTY!” and “I don’t really care for it” when asked how a particular food tastes.

However, there are adults who think it’s perfectly fine to express their thoughts and feelings as long as they’re honest. It doesn’t matter if it’s rude.

It’s interesting to note how cultural differences play into manners as well. For instance, in the North and Midwest US, it can be offensive to some to be addressed as “sir” or “ma’am.”  Yet, in the South, to not be addressed as such is a sure sign of disrespect to many.

In the United States, most of us have been taught that it is rude to smack while eating.  However, in other countries hearing people smack their food is a compliment to the chef as it shows the individual is enjoying his meal.

Here are some other notes that might need revisiting:

  1. Be kind to cashiers, bank tellers, and co-workers. Even if you’re having a bad day, it’s not their fault… Unless it is.
  2. Step outside to answer phone calls. First of all, no one really wants to hear your call. Furthermore, it’s impolite to sit and hold a full conversation in front of others. We’re not even going to talk about being on a speaker.
  3. Ask others if they’d mind being included in your social media post before you post it… ESPECIALLY if they don’t use social media themselves.
  4. Unless there’s a party, there is no need for people within a block to hear your music. With many employers working around the clock, there are people trying to get rest at all times of the day. Many noise ordinances are enforced more at night, but there are people trying to sleep at all hours of the day.
  5. Wait until everyone has been served to start eating. Most restaurants aim to have all diners’ food out at the same time for this very reason. When it comes to home cooked meals, this can be difficult or even obsolete. However, one’s serving sizes should ensure everyone’s portion and seconds should be sought only after everyone has eaten a first helping.


There are others that may or may not go without saying.  (Click here and here for other lists.)

Were you taught any rules of engagement that others should know? Leave them in the comments.

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