A five-hour standoff at  DCH hospital in Tuscaloosa that involved a heavy police presence has come to an end.

According to multiple reports, the standoff ended peacefully.

According to reports, a high speed chase ended at DCH Regional Medical Center and the suspect was holding a gun to his head. For those unfamiliar the the location of DCH, it's just on the east edge of the University of Alabama campus.

Here's a picture shared from inside the hospital looking out at the standoff.

UPDATE (6:45PM): It appears the police are working to resolve the situation as the suspect remains in the vehicle right outside of the North entrance to DCH.

UPDATE (6:30PM): Things have remained the same as the lockdown continues at DCH.

UPDATE: There are multiple reports as to whether the suspect is still armed or not. As of 5:33 p.m., the Crimson White reported that the man is still armed but is confined to one area outside of the hospital.


Here were the updates around 4pm.

Here's how it developed on Wednesday afternoon.

We are hearing that the hospital is still admitting people for emergencies but are asking people to stay away at this point.

DCH has released some info via Facebook that the hospital is still operating through the South entrance and employees are still being asked to come to work.

We'll update this story as more information comes out.

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