Here's An Easy Way To Support Sickle Cell Awareness In Tuscaloosa

September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. As prevalent as Sickle Cell is in our community, we don't talk about it much. This event is a great way to raise awareness and get the conversation started here in Tuscaloosa.

I don't have sickle cell but I've seen the pain it causes in others first hand. My wife has this painful disease and at times the pain is unbearable. She's even told me that going through labor pains and giving birth had nothing on the pain of a sickle cell crisis. WOW!

There's a great event happening this week that everyone in West Alabama can participate in to help raise awareness for Sickle Cell. It's Shades day! I know you're probably wondering "What is Shades Day?!" Shades Day is September 25th, 2020. It's a whole movement on social media where everyday people help raise awareness about a symptom of sickle cell retinopathy, which affects the blood vessels in the eyes of some sickle cell warriors.

It's really easy to participate in Shades Day. It only takes two easy steps and people of any age can participate.

How to Participate:
1. Pose for a selfie with your favorite pair of shades
2. Post your selfie using the official hashtag (#SickleCellShadesDay) on Facebook & Instagram.
It's that easy! Honestly, who could resist posing with their favorite pair of shades? Most people post pics like that on social media anyway. Major shout out to Conquering The Curve for thinking of this great idea. Let's help raise awareness for sickle cell in West Alabama by participating in Shades Day!
If you'd like to take your support a step further, you can donate to support sickle cell awareness efforts by Conquering The Curve.
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