Have You Taught Your Children Patience?

Waiting patiently is exactly what life, God, and success demand. When we have done the correct things, God requires us to wait for the results. "You have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may get the promise" (Hebrews 10:36). How do you assist your children develop this vitally important life skill? (1). Set Clear boundaries, (2). Refocus their attention. Waiting in like at the grocery store can be an occasion for impatience. (3). Teach by example. Do you race past other drivers on the streets just to get one car ahead? Impulsively charge something rather than wait until you can pay for it in cash? It does not matter the age, your children learn by watching you. (4) Avoid constantly saying, "Hurry up!" Baby children typically dawdle. They do not have any idea how long getting ready takes. So instead of always telling them to hurry, assist them learn the process and pace of getting ready. Instead of frustrating them with commands to hustle, involve them in actions they understand and can successfully handle. This will teach them how to manage time practically. (5). Don't interrupt and don't tolerate interruptions. (6). Reward their patience. If your toddler waits for his/her sippy cup to be filled while you feed the other children, thank him/her for waiting so well If your teen saves their money to buy an iPad, compliment their wisdom and reinforce it by perhaps donating the last few dollars  for the purchase.

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