Boxing fans everywhere are discussing not only this weekend's fight but also the singing of "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Jamie Foxx.

Just in case you missed it....

This video is by far the best depiction of what actually happened:

A friend and I were discussing this performance, and he mentioned the possibility that Foxx might have been drunken, as numerous parties surround sporting events of this magnitude.  That JUST MAY be a possibility, especially considering the sounds of the organ. The organ definitely gave the song a "churchy" feel.

Most church people forgive a few missed notes as long as you're "singing for the Lord, not man." *giggle* Perhaps more artists should try this approach. When you know you've butchered a song, just add a "Hallelujah."  And if you REALLY mess up, go ahead and close your eyes very tight while lifting your hands and add a quickening before you fall out.  Had Jamie done that, he would be getting calls from churches across the country. Right about now..... Movies only.