Unfortunately, some of us live as if God has a large performance chart with our name on it, and at the end of the day He grades us to ascertain if He will love us more, or less, or at all. You might fay, "If I were God, some days I would not even love myself." Then be goad you are not God, and we all be twice as glad, or we all would be sunk! God does not save us y grace and then base how He feels about us on our spiritual performance. The wonder of grace is that you are chosen, you are wanted, and God desires you for His family. By grace you have been made alive to God. You have strength to endure, power to serve, a reason to hope, and death has no hold on you. God took our indebtedness and guilt and nailed it to the cross. He cancelled the bill; He destroyed the I.O.U. and set us free. Unburdened.Cleansed. Today we can live with a heart as light as a feather, no matter what you did yesterday. The reality is that no one in heaven will ever boast, "Look what Jesus and I did." No, when Jesus cried from the cross that it was finished. Jesus paid the full price for our sins committed from the cradle to the grave. This is the wonder of grace.

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