Those familiar with Tuscaloosa’s gospel scene and quartet music in general are well aware of the singing sensation that is Crystal Smith and how popular her videos on social media have become. However, a recent, late-night rendition has captured the interest of millions… including cultural icons like Janet Jackson and Snoop Dogg!

Crystal began singing alongside her mother and aunts with the Anointed Brown Sisters at a very young age, and she eventually came from behind the scenes and to center stage with renditions of popular songs that witnesses say reached down to their very souls and ministered to them directly.

One of the earliest videos to gain mass appeal was of Crystal singing during a service at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Los Angeles.  It was viewed over 3 million times.

One of the other videos that was critically acclaimed was a selection of "I Told the Storm" at the Mt. Carmel Community Church in Duncanville, AL, where she sang lead and was backed by a choir with her mother Chrishon by her side.

She sang until her heart was content, seemingly forgetting about everything and everyone around her.

The latest video everyone is STILL talking about came courtesy of a late Sunday night song session from the family home on September 6.  The entire family sang, children and all.  (Skip to the 1:06:55 mark for Crystal's piece.)

She sat and sang, belting out in a way that captured the attention of many... So much so that it grabbed celebrity attention.

Now, when Janet Jackson is in your Amen corner, you're making some noise! AND THEN Snoop Dogg...

Anyone who's heard her sing live knows the powerhouse she truly is, and we'll all be cheering for Crystal every step along the journey her life takes.

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