It's an honor that I really cherish and always try to live up to the high standard of being a friend who can be relied upon. We all fail from time to time-forgetting to do the things that we should or simply allowing selfishness to erect a barrier between us.

As believers, we take comfort in knowing that we are called a friend of God, and He is a real, true friend who never falters. Abraham was called "the friend of God" and that friendship was related to his faith. Jesus explained how we can receive that designation as well. Looking for the best friend ever?

You may be asking, what are the characteristics of a good friend? Well, it is only our own behavior that we can change, and there are certain personal traits it's key to cultivate and build healthy, lasting friendships. I am loyal to the people I care about. I am supportive of others in their good times. I am supportive of others in their bad times. Jesus is the only faultless Friend you will ever find.




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