Tonight, a credit building and repair workshop will be held at the Richard A. Curry Environmental Building (3440 Kauloosa Ave) from 5-7 p.m. Antwon Prince-Sealey with Community Services Programs of West Alabama will assist in providing information on how to build or repair one's credit to make home ownership an easier goal to accomplish.

(Photo credit: City of Tuscaloosa Office of Resilience and Innovation)

Caramyl Drake with the City of Tuscaloosa Resilience and Innovation Department says that the promise of a new bedroom is one of the best gifts a child can receive this Christmas. Believe it or not, it IS possible to look for a home now and move in by Christmas. However, if a little work is needed credit-wise, help is available; and it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! In fact, Mr. Sealey says that if more assistance is needed beyond that which is covered in the workshop tonight, Community Services Programs is willing to make individual appointments.  In addition, the City of Tuscaloosa has a program to help in the home buying process, as well.

So, be sure to pass the word along. Why not accept the help that is given, especially when it's free?  MOST people need help in establishing or repairing credit. Let's make sure the city continues to provide these services by showing how much we appreciate it in showing up for the workshop this evening.