Foster Care Informational Summit provides the public an opportunity to help local foster children 



TUSCALOOSA, Ala.— The Blackburn Institute’s Daniel Community Scholars Program  has partnered with Tuscaloosa Angels and Tuscaloosa County DHR to host a Foster Care Informational Summit on Sunday, February 23 for those who have ever considered becoming a foster parent or who want to learn how to help foster children in Tuscaloosa County.

The goal of this event is to address the striking shortage of foster homes available in Tuscaloosa County. Tuscaloosa DHR states there are approximately 41 available foster home in the county whereas there are around 137 children in foster care.

As a result of the shortage of foster homes, most children are displaced and end up in other counties around the state. This causes them to be uprooted from support groups such as classmates, neighbors, teachers, churches, friends, extended relatives and often siblings. DHR also emphasizes that the distance creates a strain on the relationships and services social workers provide.

“This is the child you go to school with down the street or where ever you know these children and we don’t want to disrupt their lives. We don’t need to disrupt them, they are right here, they are our county children. We need to place them in county so they can go to the same school, same community, and experience less trauma,” said Tyler Simmons of Tuscaloosa County DHR.

In addition to presentations from Tuscaloosa County DHR and Tuscaloosa Angles, attendants will have the opportunity to learn how to benefit local groups dedicated to foster children.

The Foster Care Informational Summit will be held in the Ferguson Center Ballroom on February 23 from 3-5 p.m. Refreshments and desert will be provided. Attendees are encouraged to RVSP by visiting

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