Last night, social media was ablaze with news of a fire consuming Floyd's Super Market in West Tuscaloosa. Right now, authorities have not released information regarding how the fire began.

A brief drive through the area this morning revealed how the incident has shaken the neighborhood.  Two patrol units were posted beside the building, which has been taped off in the front.  Across the street from the store stood a few people who just looked at the building, some were talking to each other while others seemed to just watch in disbelief.

I can remember recording a commercial for the store which boasted of its renovations while still offering the same "down-home" favorites of southern cuisine: souse meat, hog mauls, hoop cheese, etc.  In fact, one of my cousins moved from Chicago to an Atlanta suburb. He says that although he's in the South now, he still can't find such items in his area.  So, he makes special requests for items from Floyd's to be brought to him by those traveling from Tuscaloosa to Atlanta.

Although the store apparently sustained extensive damage, the entire structure was not consumed. So, perhaps there's hope for a reopening at some point in the near (but not so near) future.