You know what; I feel that I’m a pretty patriotic person. I know the pledge of allegiance, vote in all elections, I don’t mind jury duty, respect our veterans, and love red, white & blue. I believe that folks here have a sense of patriotic pride as well.


Wallet Hub has ranked the states based on their level of patriotism To create the list, Wallet Hub ranked the states on a combination of ‘military engagement’ and ‘civic engagement.’ Within those combinations, they used various metrics that were graded on a 100-point scale.

It surprised me to find out that New York was at the bottom of the list at #50 and Montana boasts the most patriotic pride. I was totally shocked by that information.

Where Did Alabama Rank?

Let’s just say we are not at the top but we are not at the bottom. We have a military engagement score of 12 and a score of 41 for civic engagement. This led Alabama to be ranked at #34. Which is much different than 2016. According to the Alabama Newscenter, in 2016 “Alabama ranked #8.”

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Now a 6-year difference, Alabama now ranks lower in civic education and residents who enlist in the military. In 2016, Alabama ranked “No. 1 in civic education, Alabama ranks seventh in the percentage of residents who enlist in the military,” said Alabama Newscenter.

(Source) Click here for more from Wallet Hub. Click here for more from Alabama Newscenter.

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