Valentine's Day might be over, but the love is still overflowing. Watch this video featuring seven of the best sports marriage proposals ever.

The video, courtesy of ESPN, features seven clips of the greatest marriage proposals in the world of sports. The first one stars an Orlando Magic cheerleader and her boyfriend. She spots him in the corner of the court and goes up to him. He drops down to one knee and pops the question. The look on her face says it all and the announcer goes on to say, "Magic fans, I think that's a yes!"

The next clip shows us a soccer coach named Fabricio Nazare faking an injury on the field to propose to his girlfriend. She goes up to him, worried about his knee, only to see him prop himself up on the knee and offer her a ring! What a sneaky git.

Watch the video above to see the rest of the amazing marriage proposals. A common theme seems to be the use of mascots or animals to distract the intended target. For example, Tampa Bay Rays' Alex Cobb used a dolphin at Discovery Cove to ask his girlfriend to marry him. How fun! Gotta love getting help from our fellow mammals.

But the absolute best parts are when you can hear the din of the crowd and well-wishers whenever the lady accepts the proposal. Few things can match that excitement and celebratory vibe one can get from seeing two people in love get engaged. Ain't love grand?

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